Kalles 4.0
This option allows you guys to add the Description option to the Product page.
In Theme Customize > Go to Product page > Choose Product Main option > Click Add block button to add the Description block to the Product information next to the product image.
Add the Description block to the Product main option, then drag it to any position that you wanna show it. Example: I show the Description below the Product price:
Click on the Description block, the right settings sidebar will open and you guys can configure some options below:
  • Description mode: You can choose Description mode here, our theme allows you to choose Full Description and Short Description
  • Short description: You can paste the content of the short Description here. And if you configure Metafield Short Description, you can choose here. You can use Metafield to configure the content of the Short description for a specific product. Please check this link.
When you choose Full description, all the content of the product description will automatically show here:
Choose Short Description, the first part of the product description will show here (the length will depend on the expert length you set)
When you choose Short Description and then paste the Short description content in the Short description content box, the short description will show the content you just added in the content box. And this content will be applied for all products.
If you don't paste the content in the short description box, the short description will show follow the full description. But the length of the short description will depend on the Excerpt length option.
  • Excerpt length (integer): Please adjust the length of the Description option here.
  • Use Read more checkbox: Tick on this checkbox to enable the “Read more” button for the Description option.
  • Read more button title: You can enter the string that you wanna show on the Read more button here. You can use Metafield to configure this button for a specific product.
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