Kalles 4.0
Pickup Availability
In Theme Customize > Go to Product page > Choose Product Main option > Click Add block button to add the Pickup Availability block to the Product information next to the product image.
Add the Pickup Availability block to the Product main option, then drag it to any position that you wanna show it. Example: Show the Pickup Availability below the Product Form:
The Pickup Availability option only shows on the Product page when you set up the local pickup option in the Shopify backend.
Click on the Pickup Availability block, the settings sidebar will open and you guys can configure some options below:
You also can follow some instructions below to know how to set up the local pickup option:
In Shopify backend > Settings > Locations option > Add location button (if you have no pickup location). If you have an available Store location, click on it to open the location:
Click on the Store Location to open it > Then tick on the Fulfill online orders from this location checkbox > Click Save button to save the change:
Next step, navigate to the Shipping and delivery option > Scroll dow to the Local Pickup option:
Click on the store that you wanna configure Pickup, Example: Chicago - Retail store. Then tick on the This location offers local pickup checkbox and choose Expected pickup time is: Usually ready in 2 hours.
And don't forget to configure the Order ready for pickup notification option, your customers will read this information to know the time they can go to the store to pick up the products:
Then click back button to go to back the Shipping and delivery option, scroll down to the Local Pickup option, you will see the Chicago - Retail store show the Offers pickup tag.
You need to complete these steps for every location where you wanna offer pickup
Then you can configure the Pickup availability in the product follow the video below:
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