Kalles 4.0
Product Price, Review
This block allows you to add the Product price and Review option to the Product Single Page.
In Theme Customize > Go to Product page > Choose Product Main option > Click Add block button to add the Product Price, Review block to the Product information next to the product image.
Add the Product Price, Review block to the Product main option, then drag it to any position that you wanna show it. Example: I show the Product Price, Review below the Product Title:
Click on the Product Price, Review block, the right settings sidebar will open and you guys can configure some options below:
  • Price varies settings: You can choose a style for the Price varies here, our theme has 2 styles for you to choose: from lowest price to highest price ($39 - $59) and from lowest price (from $39). You also can choose None if you wanna show the product price normally.
This setting can be seen very clearly on a Variant product. You can see the example images below to see the difference in the price settings:
Price varies: None
Price varies: $39-$59
Price varies: From $39
  • Save badge type: If your product has compared price, you can choose to show Percentage or Fixed amount here. You can choose None if don't wanna show the discount amount badge next to the price.
Save badge type: Percentage
Save badge type: Fixed amount
  • Show tax and shipping information checkbox: Tick on this checkbox to show the tax and shipping information below the price option.
But first, you have to go to Shopify backend > Settings > Taxes and duties option > Tick on the All prices include tax checkbox:
  • Use rating checkbox: Please tick on this checkbox to enable Review stars next to the product price. If you wanna disable the review, please uncheck this checkbox.
But first, you need to configure to choose the Review app that you wanna use on your store in Theme Settings. Example: I choose to use the Ryviu app. Click the Install here button to install the app for your store.
And the review stars only show when you add the review for the product on the Front page > Product page > Review tab > Write a review:
  • Add Snippets Liquid: You can add the custom code here. If you want to use a review app that is incompatible with our theme, you can add app snippets reviews to show a ‘write reviews’ on the product page.
It will work when you use the ‘Other app‘ review on General settings.
For example: First one, you can go to this link to install Judge.me Product Reviews app. Next one, you can copy & paste this code below to Add Snippets Liquid box.
Code install:
{%- render 'judgeme_widgets', widget_type: 'judgeme_review_widget', concierge_install: true -%}
Add the code in the option like the image below:
Note: You should contact the review app’s support team to ask for the embed code for integration.
  • Price size: You can configure the font size for the Product Price here.
  • Font weight: You can configure the font weight for the Product Price here.
  • Price/ Sale price color: You can configure the color for the Product price here. These options also support configuring Metafield, so you can change the price color for every single product.
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