Kalles 4.0
Trust Badge
Updating the Trust Badge helps create customer trust regarding products.
In Theme Customize > Go to Product page > Choose Product Main option > Click Add block button to add the Trust badge block to the Product information next to the product image.
Add the Trust badge block to the Product main option, then drag it to any position that you wanna show it. Example: Show the Trust badge below the Product form (Add to Cart button):
Click on the Trust badge block, the settings sidebar will open and you guys can configure some options below:
  • Content align: Configure the alignment for the Trust Badge content here. You can choose to align content Left, Right or Center.
Trust Badge: Align Center
Trust Badge: Align Right
  • Message: This option allows you to enter text for Trust Badge.
  • Font size: Adjust the font size for the message on the Trust Badge option here.
  • Source Image: You can choose between Image and SVG. You are allowed to customize both of these options.

1. Trust Badge - Image

  • Trust seal image: You can upload a custom image for the Trust Badge here.
  • Width image: Configure the size for the Trust Badge image here. Drag the bar to increase/ reduce the width of the image.

2. Trust Badge - SVG Icons

  • SVG List: You can enter or delete SVG icons for Trust Badge here.
  • Height icon: Configure the size of the Trust Badge SVG icons here.
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