Kalles 4.0
Products Group Media (support Multi-languages)

1. The purpose of Products Group Media

Why do you need to use Product Grouped?
The grouped product consists of a group of Simple Products or Virtual Products with the same characteristics or related. When buying Products Group Media can save more than buying individual products, so will help increase sales. And users also can choose to buy one of the products in the group. For example, a set of products including Top, Skirt, Blazer… The Products Group Media are created to boost the number of products that customers want to buy when visiting your store.

2. Configure Product Group Media

Step 01: From Shopify backend > Products > Choose to create/ open a variant product that you wanna configure Products Group Media. Example: Open the Germana Diamond Ring product.
The required alt text: t4optionX_Y
The position of x and y can be explained by the image below:
X: is the Option name. The number of x in the alt text should be counted from 0. So if you have 2 variant options: Color and Size: Color is (X)0 and Size is (X)1.
Y: is Options value. The number of y in the alt text also should be counted from 0. So if you have 3 options values: White, Black and Red. White is (Y)0, Black is (Y)1 and Red is (Y)2.
Step 02: In the Media option, click on the Product images to add Alt text for the product images:
In the Germana Diamond Ring product, we have 2 variant options: Color and Size. The color variant option has 3 variant values: Hessonite, Blue Sapphire, Emerald and Size Variant option has 2 values: Size 6 and Size 8.
You only can configure the Group media alt text for one of the variant options. It means, if you configure the alt text follow the Color option, you don't need to configure for Size variant anymore.
So the alt text of the product image should be as the image below:
Configure alt text follow the first variant option: Color
Configure alt text follow the second variant option: Size
You can configure follow the video below: