How to use MailChimp on Molla

Steps to use Mailchimp on this Section

You want to use MailChimp on this Section? Please follow these steps below

1 - Part I

  1. Login to Mailchimp account

  2. Select Current audience

  3. Click to Signup forms from Manage Audience

  4. Edit form and copy action URL

  5. Use the Action URL Here

2 - Part II

Go to Sections tab > Call to action > Theme Settings

Tick Use MailChimp box

Then go to Theme Settings tab > Gadget > enter the MailChimp Action’s URL

3 - Part III: Guiding change the text on Mailchimp

Step 1: Login to your account Mailchimp

Step 2: Form builder

  • Build, design, and translate signup forms and response emails

  • Design for the form

  • Change the content of the form:

Step 3: Subscriber pop-up

  • Design a pop-up signup form that can be embedded on any site.

  • Click to Content: You can change the text after the customer inputs their email

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Hope you success!!