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  • Remember to uncheck this option turn on the banner here first

  • Turn off on mobile? If you don’t want to show it on Mobile only

  • Turn off on desktop? If you don’t want to show it on Desktop only

  • Max width section: adjust the width of the sections

  • Margin and padding: increase or decrease the gap between the section and other sections

2 - Background settings

2.1 - Background color

2.2 - Opacity background color

2.3 - Background image

  • Size suggestion: 1920x pixels

3 - Content settings

3.1 - Announcement text

You should set link for banner. You can upsell your products.

3.3 - Name button

Shop Now <i class="fa fa-caret-right" aria-hidden="true"></i>

3.4 - Use Load button

3.5 - Button style

White 2
Border gray
Border lightgray
Border dark
Border darker
Border white
Border white 2
Border white 3
Border white 4
Simple button
Simple button dark

3.6 - Button style radius

Rounded corners

From The4

Hope you success!!