(Banner) Page top

** About Collection pages:

Go to collection pages > Sections > (Banner) Page top

  • You can config (banner) Page top the same way with Collection list, product page, Blog, Blog post, page, cart page, account page.

1 - Sections settings

  • Turn off section: it will turn off this section for all

  • Turn off on mobile: it will turn off this section on mobile

  • Turn off on desktop: it will turn off this section on Desktop

2 - Content settings

2.1 - Text content

<div class="page-header text-center">
<h1 class="page-title">Grid Columns<span>Shop</span>

You can also use keyword "pageTitle" to display the title of the current collection

2.2 - The collection uses banner image

Choose collection for using banner

2.3 - The list handle of collection uses banner image

Follow image below for getting handle

3 - Space settings

3.1 - Max width section?

Full width
1200 px

3.2 - Margin top, bottom, paddings

  • Margin top and bottom: 2.5rem|3rem|3.5rem|4rem|4.5rem|5rem

  • Paddings (top right bottom left): 6rem 6rem 0 6rem

4 - Background settings

4.1 - Background color

4.2 - Image background

Set link for clicking to banner

From The4

Hope you success!!