1 - Currency

1.1 - Config in theme settings

Go to Customize >> Theme Settings >> Currency tab. You can enter currency you want to work on your store.

Theme settings > Currency

1.1.1 - Show Currency Converter

Even though prices are displayed in different currencies, orders will still be processed in your store's currency.

1.1.2 - Curency option

  • If you choose 'Shopify options' you dont need do anythings

  • If you choose 'Customize options' you have to config in sections below

1.1.3 - Format

1.1.4 - Supported currencies

Use the country's ISO currency code. Separate your currency codes with a space.

1.1.5 - Default currency

1.2 - Config in main settings

1.1.1 - Go to Settings > General.

1.1.2 - On section Store currency > Change formatting.

This is the currency your products are sold in. After your first sale, currency is locked in and can’t be changed. To change your payout currency, go to payments settings.

You must change your currency into this format, It’s required to make the theme work properly

You can copy and paste these snippets of code

<span class='money'>€{{amount_with_comma_separator}} EUR</span>
<span class='money'>€{{amount_with_comma_separator}}</span>
€{{amount_with_comma_separator}} EUR


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