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1 - Age Verification



2 - Cookie Law Info


1.1 - You can edit the content of law info by going here

1.2 - Change the text

3 - Review APP

3.1 - Choose review app using

Please refer this tutorial for further details

4 - Location map settings

How to get this Iframe Google Map code?

4.1 - Step 1:

Go to

4.2 - Step 2:

Click Copy this

5 - Trust seal image

6 - Instagram

6.1 - Access Token:

6.2 - Get by tag:

This tag means that if you don’t want to show all of the Insatgram images in your account, only particular images, you can filter them by tag.

Enter only the keyword to the box.

But on your post you must insert to it a hashtag


7 - Newsletter

7.1 - Use Omnisend

Enter an ID Where do I get my List ID – API?

7.2 - Klaviyo List ID

Enter an ID Where do I get my List ID?

7.3 - Use MailChimp

Enter a URL form: Where do I get my MailChimp Form Action?


8 - Meta keywords (SEO)

You can enter SEO keywords, meta keyword here. This is for SEO Optimization

9 - Disable Right click

This feature should only be enabled when your website is live.

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