Google SEO JSON-LD Settings

Go to Theme settings > Google SEO JSON-LD settings

1 - Business settings

1.1 - Use this section

1.2 - Select a Bussiness type

There are so many Bussiness types, so lets choose suitble type with your sites.

1.3 - Logo image

1.4 - Phone number

1.5 - Opening hours

Ex: Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr 09:00-17:00

1.6 - Same as






1.7 - Map


1.8 - Some real information of your shop/store

The Keywords which you entered are embeddable in a <script> in the page’s <head> and just about anywhere else instead of having to be present in the page’s <body>.

You can refer here to understand about what is Google SEO JSON-LD and how it works

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Hope you success!!